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8 Free Website Services with Odoo Cloud SaaS
Maximise your savings with Odoo Website Builder Cloud solution

Having a website is not a luxury anymore; it's now a need for each business which wants to strive. However, you do not have to spend a ridiculously high sum of money to get a professional website with a stunning look. To save your costs without sacrificing domain stability and professional clean design, you must read this blog and get familiar with Free services in Odoo Website Builder Cloud solution.

Odoo 13 website Builder and CMS

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1- Free web Hosting

Save average of 100$ USD per year by using  Odoo online Cloud hosting.

It's fully integrated with google analytics, google maps, paypal and more.
Odoo Cloud's hosting servers are powerful enough to provide your pages with an excellent loading speed which improves your SEO score. 

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2- Free Themes

Choose one from the spam free, beautiful themes without any extra cost.

All themes are responsive, perfectly fitting in all smart devices' screen sizes. They are as well multilingual, editable with multi colours and fonts to suite your business identity.

Complete your web design just in a few clicks for best customer experience!

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3- Free CMS

With Odoo Content Management System you are going to avoid coding hassle for the web development basic stages and dramatically reduce building and testing time.

It's includes lots of features like, web blogger, Social media links, Facebook page block and more!

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5- Fantastic Images library

High Quality Images is one of the most important resources which should be available for any website.

With a huge free library for pictures and icons you don't need to subscribe in paid sites anymore just to have high quality images. 

6- free mobile app

You can now efficiently manage and edit your web pages using Odoo mobile app which is available in apple store and google play.  

7- Live chatting

Direct chat with your website visitors including users' feedback and agent rating.

8- link TRACKING

Track all your visitors' sessions, learn about the visited pages, visit time stamp, source traffic country without the need for any additional tool. This will remarkably help you in digital marketing campaigns' planning and understanding visitors behaviour.   

8 Free Website Services with Odoo Cloud SaaS
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13 May, 2020
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